Study plan for the whole year

Hard work is the key to success and there is no alternative to it. You should pay more attention towards studying round the year. Do not waste time on gossiping with unreliable source. Main Aim of your study is to achieve success in life, therefore, one should not leave any stone unturned that comes in your way to gain more knowledge and confidence.

To study in the class room is important, but how to study is rather more important. You are required to study round the year with dedication and devotion. You must be serious in studies in the class as well as at home.

Make sure of the following :

  • Make a time table for daily routine.
  • Get up early in the morning and go for a morning walk.
  • You must be regular in attending the class well in time.
  • Remain attentive in the class.
  • Listen to the teachers carefully.
  • Make a note of all the points discussed in your study material.
  • Ask as many questions to the teacher again and again if you could not follow the method or could not clear the concept
  • Note down the points discussed by the teacher in the study material if you could clear the concept.
  • Practice at home and revise all the problems in detail and make short notes for further study.
  • Even if there are still some points you could not follow, must put questions to the teacher the next day.
  • Allot time to each subject daily.
  • Give extra time to the subject you are weak in.
  • You may request your teacher to give extra time to you. He will surely help if you are truthful and honest.
  • Discuss your weak subjects with your friends who are good in that subject.
  • Enjoy your studies and do not feel nervous.
  • Must give time to enjoy with parents, friends and relatives, else they may feel that you are ignoring them.
  • This will also enhance your confidence.

Must help your family members as and when you find a leisure time. This will give you satisfaction.One who has worked hard round the year keeping all the suggestions given above in mind is very well on the right track. With timely preparation you will find yourself more confident about the subject and problems discussed in the class. You will also feel confident and bold enough to face the examination.