Optimus Engineering

Led By Guru of AIR-1

Best Engineering Institute Patna IIT JEE Boards – Optimus Medicus is the best coaching institute for IIT-JEE (Mains and Advanced). We have produced several AIR-1 in JEE and AIEEE in the past. Our faculty is the among the best in India, handpicked from Kota, Delhi, Hyderabad.

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OPTIMUS MEDICUS  Group, always keeps itself abreast with the latest changes announced by the HR Ministry and IIT-JEE council. Hence CBSE had always been the part of our academic curriculum and teaching pattern. We have tried to impart more focused inputs to our students by re-structuring our course curriculum. This will take care of all the needs of the students for enhanced performance in XII Boards and competitive exams with good marks. OPTIMUS PATNA has a very virtuous back ground in schooling along with preparing students for various competitive exams. Thus, at every stage we could recognize the pulse and requirements of our students for desired output and better performance. Further, to cater the academic needs of our students and to continue the trend of best results, we have re-structured our teaching pattern and course curriculum.

This programme prepares the students for JEE Main & JEE Advanced to give the best desired output and performance. This programme comprising of more than 700-hours is divided into five phases.

Every phase will have an integrated CBSE/Bihar Board teaching pattern and will have two stages


  • Coverage of Topics from CBSE level : OPTIMUS MEDICUS  has the system of imparting inputs through Micro-Schedule based teaching. This channelizes the efforts of our students in the right direction for desired output. Thus we will follow the NCERT sequence to cover all the topics of respective Phases, first from CBSE level.


  • Coverage of topics from IIT-JEE level : Best Engineering Institute Patna IIT JEE Boards – Optimus Medicus  has an academic edge and proven track record over its competitors for preparing its students for IIT-JEE and Other Competitive Exams. Thus, in Stage II, we will impart IIT-JEE Level inputs of the same topics as taught in Stage I for CBSE. Thus on the basis of the above inputs, we would ensure the desired performance of our students in CBSE, so that they can compete to achieve their dream with a best rank in competitive exams also. a Each of the phases will have a Phase Test, which may also be considered as a “reshuffling test”, i.e. the student’s batch can be changed as per his/her performance in these tests to maintain a homogenous level of competence among students of different batches. In this regard the decision of concerned authority will be final and binding. a Early completion of the course ensures ample time for revision as well as time for XII Board preparations. a CPT (Common Practice Test) at all India level will be conducted every week based on JEE pattern and few CBSE Board pattern.

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