Mission & Purpose


OPTIMUS & MEDICUS is a fast-growing institution for IIT-JEE, Medical preparation established by renowned chemistry Guru Rohit Srivastava. As Rohit Srivastava is well experienced in the field of education as he has worked with the reputed Brand Bansal (Kota), Amity (Delhi), Narayana (Hydrabad), and Brilliant Tutorials (Patna).
With a clear vision in his mind for the shake of the student of Bihar, he moves to Patna and established this institution. As students of Rohit Srivastava’s are in each IIT’s/NIT’s/AIIMS as well as known engineering and Medical Colleges of India.

Within two pears of the journey of OPTIMUS & MEDICUS, Institution has a very good track record, more than 500 students have qualified in Various Medical & Engineering Entrance Exam.

OPTIMUS and MEDICUS provide a well defined group of faculties for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Zoology, and Botany for the students. All faculties are very supportive and Under the guidance of Rohit Srivastava Sir, academic is very strong. Time to time test, discussion, Doubt & problem classes, well-maintained study Materials helps the students to qualify in the competitive Exams.
The institution also helps the top 30 students through a special batch to qualify with top rank. These 30 students bach is formed according to their performance after reshuffling.

Bold History that Fuels the Future

We introduce ourselves as a new brand with years of quality experience in the field of competitive examinations for Medical & Engineering. We have teachers for all subjects who have a thorough track record of producing Top Rankers in all competitive exams like IIT-JEE, AIIMS, AIEEE, NEET, etc.
Our director, Mr. Rohit Srivastava who is having IIT-JEE/ Medical training experience of more than 14 years at various educational hubs at KOTA, HYDERABAD, PATNA and DELHI is also a Founder Partner in one of the leading brand running in Patna for IIT–JEE has taken this initiative to provide quality education to students in Patna for Medical Entrance examinations.
Our USP is unmatched system of administration with strict discipline for everyone & highest quality of the teachers from the industry. We discuss….We explain.…We clarify….We care through our Simplification |Professionalism |Expertise |Care approach by conducting daily practice sessions, Progress/ Reshuffling/MED-AITS Tests & Academic Performance Analysis. Our Moto is derived from famous Walt Disney quote “If you can dream it, you can do it”. We take inspiration from the quote and motivate students to achieve what they dream through exclusive special sessions conducted by professionals.