A Word of Advice

A Word of Advice

Dear Candidate

  • I intend to send my heartiest good wishes for your success in your forthcoming IIT-JEE-2020 & NEET 2020. In fact, it is my utmost desire that you should achieve your cherished dream of joining a Engineering college of your choice. Your parents wish that you should achieve many successes in your life, so that you enhance the prestige of your family. Your teachers and relatives also wish that you should become a brilliant Engineer. Your admission in the Engineering College will definitely add one more feather not only in your personality, but also in your family.Your friends and relatives will be proud of you.
  • Some people believe that success in any Competition is a matter of chance. But it is not so. In general, a candidate with 70% marks in the Board Examination can perform better than a candidate with 75% marks, but not better than a candidate with 85% or 90%. However : It can be achieved only by hard work and forgetting worldly attractions, around you, for sometime. You must study at least 14-15 hours a day and revise the syllabus as many times as possible. The following points will prove very helpful in achieving your dream of joining a Engineering College of your choice.
  • Knowing the subject matter included in the Entrance Examination. You should thoroughly grasp all the subjects and finer points in each chapter. It can be done by systematically studying the complete course seriously in the class room as well as at home. This factor contributes about 60% chances of success.

Studying from the Study Material

  • You should prepare from Study Material, which is written strictly according to the given syllabus.; You should avoid the books, which contain superfluous or inadequate matter. This factor contributes about 20% chances of success.
  • Understanding the style of questions. You should be fully aware of the latest style and trend of the questions likely to be asked in the examination. This can be done by going through the previous years question papers. This factor contributes about 10% chances of success.
  • Practice for answering the questions. You should also test your ability to answer the questions in the time provided for each competition. This can be done either in the class room or honestly at home. This factor contributes about 10% chances of success.

Secret of success

  • It has been observed that most of the candidates complain about the shortage of time. And they feel sad for not been able to attempt all the questions, though they knew the correct answers. You can overcome this problem by attempting the questions first in Chemistry. After this you should attempt the questions in Physics and then the questions in Mathematics. Even in Physics, you should first attempt the non-numerical type questions and then numerical type. In this way, you will be able to attempt maximum number of questions in the examination.