Why Medicus?


COURSE PLAN : Our courses are systematically planned at the beginning of session.
It includes    curriculum planning, course pedagogy syllabus division and test schedules.

  • Sysematically Planned
  • Appropriate Distribution of Hours to All Topics

FACULTY : Qualified and Trained Faculty. We have top teachers from the industry with
thorough track record of producing top rankers in all competitive exams year after years.

  • Caring
  • Experianced
  • Proven Track Record

LECTURES : Our Well planned lectures systematically focus on conceptual clarity,
covering all the topics & sub-topics. They are easy to grasp & supported by technology.

  • Easily Graspable Knowledgeable
  • Interesting Focus on Fundamentals

STUDY MATERIALS : Exhaustive, relavant and up to date study material and the test
papers designed on the latest pattern of exams by top experts of industry with their vast experiance in the field.

    WE CARE… : All doubts are clarified through free environment, open discussion and complete transparent interaction.
  • DISCUSSION CLASSES… : Study materials & assignments are checked
    individually & doubts related to them are clarified specially planned discussion classes.
  • QUIZ/TOPIC TEST : After completion of each topic quiz is schedule to cross
    check the proficiency acquired in the topic.
  • PROGRESS TEST : It is a test consisting of about 75% of syllabus taught in last two weeks and 25% of syllabus covered in previous weeks held at appropriate frequencies.
  • PHASE CUM RESHUFFLING TEST : We conduct Phase Tests quarterly and reshuffling is done on the basis of this test. Reshuffling provides competitiveness to handle tough real exam situations.
  • OPT-AITS : It is always better to get students tested from a teacher who has not taught them. Therefore we conduct OPT-AITS with the help of our associates, so that
    student can practise with vast material available in different parts of the country.
  • ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS : The academic performancxe is analyzed and
    studied at the micro level (i.e. subject wise, topic wise, question wise etc.)
    to get the best output.
  • MOTIVATIONAL WORKSHOPS : “If you can dream it, You can do it”…
    Quote by Walt Disney… Optimus takes inspiration from the quote and motivate
    students to achieve what they dream through exclusive conducted feequently.

Our USP is unmatched system of administration with strict discipline for everyone. We at Optimus, provide complete in competitive environment.

  • Caring
  • Discipline
  • Competitive
  • CCTV Camera
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